Video Games For Fun: Enjoy LoL With | Video Games For Learning: How It Promotes Environmental Consciousness

To put it simply, video games are interactive digital entertainment played through a game console, computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It is also a term that would fall under digital games which has a broad umbrella. Their major purpose is to provide users entertainment. – Play LoL For Its Fun Factor

League of Legends is one of the most globally popular and played Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games that Riot Games developed. It is a team-based strategy video game where two teams of five players controlling their own powerful champion battle it out to destroy the other’s Nexus. The first team to break their enemy’s Nexus wins the match.

The game is complex and really competitive which is why many players opt to play with an LoL smurf account. is one of the best sites you can visit to purchase a high-quality Smurf account. Apart from the accounts being reasonably priced, they also come with a warranty that’s based on the type of account you choose. With their 24/7 automatic delivery system, expect to receive your smurf account right after your payment is completed. Moreover, their live chat and discord are available 24/7 to provide help for any qiestions may have.

An LoL smurf account is a second LoL account that most LoL player use for various reasons. Among these is to simply enjoy the game with their peers, practice their skills and strategies to gain more experience, try out new skins or champions, explore unfamiliar territory, or hide their identity (which many famous LoL pro gamers and celebrities do). Basically, it allows you to play LoL for the fun-factor and away from the intense pressure and demand of regular competitive LoL gameplay. Check out to find out more.

More Than Entertainment – Video Games Make Us Aware of Our Environment

While most video games are created primarily for entertainment, there are those that are developed to educate, making learning more fun, interesting and interactive.

When it comes to environmental awareness, the video game industry is aware of the problems our planet faces which is why the industry has been working on ways to make their game consoles greener and games more relevant, giving particular attention to ecological consciousness or environmental awareness. The themes that are ubiquitous in many video games includes conflict resolution, water management and saving, waste management, irrigation, ecosystem ecology, and environmental education, farming and agricultural management, energy, reforestation, and globalization.

Although this niche is still small, there are several wonderful games for all ages showing the magnificence of our planet as well as how we could participate in keeping it that way as these are designed to offer dynamic leaning, first-hand experiences, real-life simulation, practical application and measurable outcomes.