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Believe it or not, pond system is the oldest kind of fish farming used. This has been in used for more than thousands of years by early humans. Pond farms do include ditch, canal systems or earthen pond with clay-based soils that can be diked in making enclosures.

Based on the Need of the Economy

Needless to say, there are more sophisticated approaches that could be used nowadays but it is worth your time to take note that pond systems are typically dependent on developing countries. This is true most specifically if there are shortage of wild fish that may cause serious consequences in nutrition.

The fact that they’re self-contained and may be used for various kinds of fish at once is what made them the best option among fish farmers.

Advantages of Inland Fish Farming

So long as it’s dealt with properly, ponds can deliver serious potential; since they are located in land or at least, isolated from a large body of water, it is fairly easy to send waste water into side pools that will be processed or even used as a fertilizer.

With this, it will help in drastically reducing negative impact of pond enclosures on natural environment. Any reputable and responsible fish farmers and farms know how important this can be.