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It has been thousands of years since the principles of crop rotation is used, which has been effective and successful in the world of agriculture. As a matter of fact, even in today’s time, it is used thoroughly by farmers across the globe. Crop rotation is basically the process of growing various crops on same plot of land. This way, there is no plot or bed that sees the same crop in a successive season.

Purpose and Use

It’s actually a practice designed with efforts of preserving productive capacity of the soil, minimize diseases and pests while reducing chemical use and managing nutrient requirements. All of these things are known to maximize yield.

The practice of crop rotation is to build a better soil structure and also, to increase the ability of storing carbon on farms.

The CEDICAM or Center for Integral Small Farmer Development in the Mixteca focused mainly in Mixteca region of Mexico. This is a region that is being categorized by the serious level of desertification and degradation of the environment.

CEDICAM’s Efforts Payoff

CEDICAM’s objective is to support subsistence farmer population by enhancing local food security through the integration of sustainable agricultural techniques. The sustainable agriculture project of CEDICAM is using crop rotation along with polycultures to boost crop yields, improve soil fertility and reduce problems related to pests.