2012 08 Creative Things Thursday Features 8

Agroforestry system with the combination of sensible energy and food production can later empower farmers who are living in developing countries. This is by guaranteeing local energy supply, provide simultaneous feed, fiber, food and other bio-based materials as well as bioenergy feedstock.

Only Time can Tell

With the availability of integrated production system, it can help in ensuring high efficiency usage of resources and sustainability of the biomass production while mitigating the pressures and challenges on current land use.

Deployment of modern bioenergy coupled with high conversion efficiency than just using conventional bioenergy decreases the requirement for firewood. Just so everyone knows, firewood is a key factor to the growing numbers of deforestation nowadays.

With this, it can help in avoiding deforestation that has huge impact on ecosystems, water resources and local communities, particularly in the developing countries.

Calling for Improved Farming Techniques

Food afforestation and management may increase availability of woody biomass that has several usage like bioenergy, ecosystem services and wood material. With the application of sustainable management approach, it is going to improve the productivity of the forests but also, its health. Furthermore, it can help in increasing the availability of wood material for various usage while offering wide range of environmental protection, ecosystem services and social development.