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There are different methods of cultivating seaweeds and these include the following:

  1. Bottom-Culture Method
  2. Long-Line Rope Method
  3. Single Rope Floating Raft Technique or SRFT and;
  4. Floating Bamboo Raft Method

This is basically a modified or improved conventional off-bottom farming approach and it has several similarities to raft method. Seedlings of around 100 to 150 grams fresh weight are then attached to the rope either by a braider or raffia between anchors. The primary rope is around 6 to 8 millimeter in diameter and around 20 meters in length.

Growing Seaweeds Strategies

Long-line ropes are also kept afloat in water by using the floats that are tied at regular intervals and anchoring is performed on both ends.

Eucalyptus, timbers of casuarina, bamboo and the likes are used for anchoring. The poles are erected at an interval of 3 meters in square fashion and 12mm polypropylene rope is being tied in any of the two parallel directions.

On the other hand, this will depend on the direction of the current and tide. Seeded ropes which are 3mm in size are tied at 10cm intervals.

Proper Distancing

There should be proper care to be applied to make sure that the seaweed remains submerged at all times, at least .5 meters below surface. This way, it is going to receive enough sunlight for it to live. In general, seeding in such case can be done in water to be to prevent seedling loss, which might happen if the ropes are seeded on shore and dragged into sea.