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When it comes to aquaculture, fish farming is one of the most typical types you can ever find. This normally consists of specific breed of fish either in seawater or freshwater, with the goal of producing food for human consumption.

Cheap and Effective

Fish farming is heavily used in today’s time because it enables the production of protein in the most economical way possible.

Not only that, fish farming is a lot easier when compared to farming. This is because of the reason that fish are not requiring too much attention for care. Instead, it only needs simple requirements which are proper water conditions and food. Not to mention, right level of temperature.

The process at the same time is less land-intensive because the required size of ponds in growing fish species like tilapia is smaller than the real estate needed in growing the same volume of protein from cattle.


This is yet another kind of aquaculture known today that involves algae cultivation. Algae are basically microbial organisms that do share plant and animal characteristics. Sometimes, they’re motile similar to microbes but also, they contain chloroplasts that make them have their distinctive green color.

At the same time, it enables them to do photosynthesis similar to what green plants can do.