You, too, literally have it in your own hands. Because your commitment to environmental protection not only reduces the throwing away of garbage – the so-called littering – it also actively contributes to the prevention of waste. Before you buy a tech product, visit Unslider for an in depth review of the product.


Avoid garbage where you can


When shopping, you set the course for environmental protection in everyday life. Do not use plastic bags, for example. A shopping basket or a tear-resistant jute bag are perfect alternatives.


If you are craving for a cup of coffee-to-go, take a thermal cup with you. Give up the disposable cups as well and often as possible. In Germany alone, 320,000 cardboard cups with plastic lids are consumed. Not during the month, not during the week or during the day. Every hour! This results in about 3 billion cups a year, which are disposed of directly after only one use! While Corona, of course, this is not allowed – but maybe you take your coffee with you from home for once.


When shopping, the sellers insist that, for example, cheese that is already wrapped in plastic wrap does not have to be wrapped in paper again, only to be packed in a paper bag again. At best, separate the product and packaging directly at the checkout and ask the sellers to dispose of the garbage for you. With every purchase, realize how much garbage you have just bought next to your purchase. Only when retailers are confronted with this more and more will they continue to react and pass on the dissatisfaction that has been brought to it to the manufacturers.


Take your garbage back with you


Actually a matter of course, unfortunately not for far too many. Many public garbage bins are available in the city. If you don’t find one or are overcrowded near you, take the garbage, such as the disposable grill, paper plate or plastic dishes and empty bottles, home and throw it into your own garbage can. That really does a lot of things.



Collect three to four pieces of garbage every day


Although one might think that the numerous places in the city, park, forest and all the beautiful places in your city are visited, because they are so great, we find many sections every day again and again polluted. Since it is not to be expected that this will change quickly, let us lead the way as a good example in terms of environmental protection. We really don’t break our jaws when we tackle ourselves, bend over and collect someone else’s rubbish.



Tell someone you know about environmental protection


What can we do to stop as many as possible from littering and to encourage them to collect trash? It’s so simple: talk to the people you know about it. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the family, friends or at work. Bring the unnecessary garbage into the consciousness and show how easy it is to get your city clean again.