Moving Company: Tips for Green Move


As always, nobody has to live perfectly sustainably and move accordingly. It’s great that you’re even finding out about how to burden the environment as little as possible the next time you move.

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Moving company Sarasota: Use the move to clear out the superfluous

Moving is the ideal chance to limit your possessions to really important things. On the one hand, because then you don’t have to transport so many things. And on the other hand, a minimalist lifestyle simply makes you happy. After all, everyone knows the packed basement or those drawers in which all the useless stuff that you bought or got as a gift ends up. But someone can still use these things even if it’s ultimately the recycling center that recycles the resources used for them.


Moving company Sarasota: Use moving boxes and textiles instead of plastic bags and pack logically

If you want to move sustainably, you should also avoid unnecessary material waste and, for example, be careful with the paper tape. The classic moving boxes in particular are built in such a way that they can be closed without adhesive tape.


Moving company Sarasota: Give away, donate or sell things you no longer need

What no longer fits in the moving company sarasota vehicle or no longer gives you any added value is sorted out. You can sell many things and fill up your moving fund. But maybe your “next tenant” could still use something for example bulky cupboards or an old television.

Moving company Sarasota: Avoid unnecessary trips

When moving, CO2 emissions, in particular, play an important role in sustainability. Both the journeys of friends and family who come to help, as well as the transport journeys themselves, should therefore be avoided as far as possible. If possible, try to complete the entire move in one go!


Moving company Sarasota: Use the move for lasting change

Moving is a chance to clear out unnecessary items and give your new home a fresh coat of paint. But these two things also translate very well to your lifestyle.

In a new environment, for example, it is much easier to quit smoking! For your own health, but also in the fight against the countless cigarette butts in the environment. Pursue a zero-waste lifestyle.