Harvest Moon GB: Merging Game Boy and Farming

Game Boy


Harvest Moon GB (GB to Get Game Boy) Has Been the first Harvest Moon game to be released on Game Boy handheld Games Console. The match was afterward re-released beneath the title Harvest Moon GBC with color support included from the Game Boy Color.

Possessing that bizarre fascination with farming while becoming a lover of the Game Boy too? Nicely, Harvest Moon GB could be the ideal match for you. Let’s get to find out more about it, how will we?


After the match begins, the major character’s mommy’s soul appears for you, requesting you to reestablish his farm. You own a calendar year, equal to 3 seasons, to bring back the farm into fruition. After this year has passed, then you’ll be assessed to determine how well you did the work.


Renovating the farm implies you have to eliminate all the weeds out of your farmland, crush the stones littering the floor, and utilize a strand to chop the tree stumps. You need to also until the soil and plant crops such as gain, and maintain animals to market their merchandise.

Harvest Sprites really are a brand new feature in sport. As soon as you’ve made friends together, they’ll give you a hand on your own farm.


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This is the very first Harvest Moon match to feature a female protagonist at the franchise.
Harvest Moon GB has been the first Harvest Moon game that doesn’t include union, regardless of the overall look of prior bachelorettes.


Even though Harvest Moon GB (Harvest Moon GBC for Game Boy Color) is a stripped-down variant in the N64 and SNES versions, that have been lean enough because it had been, the match exhibited enjoyable and enjoyable gameplay using a rather straightforward storyline. And if you’re into these kinds of games, Harvest Moon GB or its own GBC version is fantastic for you.