Carbon Footprint and SEO Measures

The pollution of the environment by CO2 is no longer a rumour, but a recurring topic. You are probably familiar with the environmental damage caused by cars or power plants. But what about the carbon footprint of electronic devices and the internet?

Yes, here too there is clear evidence of CO2 emissions.  These are responsible for about 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


SEO Toronto measures to reduce your CO2 emissions

The right scaling of your website content

One can imagine that the Internet in particular can only remain active with a constant power supply. As a result, every click also consumes electricity. It is therefore advisable to avoid or reduce irrelevant data transmission.

Co2 reduction through lean email marketing

A well-crafted email campaign can help you to generate customers or obtain information. However, there is also enormous savings potential here that is comparatively easy to implement such as:

  • No embedded images
  • Omission of graphic mail signatures
  • Reduction/avoidance of mail attachments -> prefer to work with links here
  • Avoid CC-bombing -> don’t send out unnecessary copies in the first place

There is a lot to be said for sustainability on the Internet. In addition to the right website design and the avoidance of external content, all of the IT processes should be set up in an ecologically supportive manner.


Avoidance of unnecessary data transmission to create environmentally friendly Internet

So-called data flat rates are an economically very popular variant of data transmission. Many mobile phone providers advertise unlimited data volume at fixed prices. However, this results in constant data traffic even if it is not actively used or required.

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To save energy and get a better awareness of CO2 pollution, try to rely more on LAN or WLAN. With this, you can effectively support the fight against climate change.

Many companies also offset their footprint by investing in renewable energy. In return for their compensation, they receive certain certificates such as the Renewable Energy Certificate or the Carbon Offset Certificate. The so-called “green hosting” serves to create environmentally friendly Internet use with a focus on climate neutrality.

The CO 2 pollution caused by electronic devices and especially by the Internet is constantly increasing and is therefore becoming a priority. More use means more servers and thus also higher CO 2 emissions.

It is all the more important to switch to a more sustainable approach to the World Wide Web as early as possible. There are various options in seo toronto that you can implement immediately and without too much effort to reduce your own CO2 footprint and, if necessary, offset it.