Minecraft Game and The Environment

You want to raise your children for a life in the future. You want to ensure that your children can live a long, happy and healthy life. At best, you want to give them the knowledge and skills to do so successfully. On the other hand, there are more and more pronounced environmental problems: global warming, air pollution, scarce drinking water, etc.

The nice thing is that many children are now naturally interested in environmental issues and contribute to environmental protection with their own ideas. Nowadays, children who love to play at servers for minecraft are strongly committed to achieving sensible climate protection measures.

Education and awareness on the environment and Minecraft

You can build birdhouses, read books about nutrition and environmental protection with your child. You can talk to your child about nutrition and think about whether it might make sense to eat less fish and meat. If you are planning a vacation, you can look together to see which destinations you can reach by train and talk about the differences in the means of transport. You can also talk about why playing excessively Minecraft games can affect their health and probably the environment.

You can think with your child at home and when shopping directly about why so much food is packed. Talk about what happens to the packaging when you dispose of it in the garbage can. You can also find out together where energy actually comes from. Find out why the lamps light up at home in the evening. If you approach the different topics in a playful way, your child will learn straight away that environmental protection is fun.

Who can sensitize children to the topic of Minecraft and environmental protection?

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Many children spend time in kindergarten at a very early age and then soon afterwards in clubs and in school. In particular, kindergartens and daycare centres and kindergartens offer children the chance to get in touch with the environment and the topic of environmental protection at an early stage. Not only that, educators should teach children about responsible gaming.

It is important to involve parents and children in school activities at an early stage. As an educator, teacher or trainer, you can inform the parents that there will be projects for environmental protection.