How Grand Theft Auto Can Leverage Farming Mechanics

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Grand Theft Auto Online is filled with wild activities for players to require part in, but developer Rockstar Games doesn’t provide much peaceful gameplay far from the hubbub of town.


While it’d appear to be a weird idea for GTA Online to feature more relaxed activities, with the recognition of GTA Online roleplaying servers in recent years, many players might prefer to see new ways of fully immersing themselves within the world. Farming may be one such experience.


It can be difficult for Rockstar to stray too removed from GTA Online’s current array of business ventures. the corporate would likely want to stay near what’s already available. to it end, farming could be, as certain relevant assets are already within the game, and therefore the activity itself may well be built on the identical mechanical foundations as existing MC businesses.


Though Rockstar would want to create much of the mode from scratch, much like GTA 5 with GTA 5 PS4 modding service, GTA Online already has some farming equipment assets available. the sport also has the right setting for a bustling farm operation, because the countryside surrounding Los Santos is filled with potential farmland.



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How Farming Could Improve GTA Online

MC businesses have already got upgrade paths, and a farm could take that to the following level, with different crops to grow, animals to lift, and general labor to finish. On top of the monetary benefits, this mechanic would supply role players with ample new material. As the role-playing portion of the player base continues to grow, it might be great to work out Rockstar acknowledges GTA’s roleplaying boom with new content.


As novel as a farming mechanic may be in GTA Online, there are some reasons it would not work. the foremost obvious is that it doesn’t really fit with GTA Online’s vibe. All the opposite businesses are centered on criminal activities like forging documents and making drugs, so this variation within the theme may well be an even bigger jump than Rockstar would want to create this late in the game’s life.


Red Dead Online may well be a more natural acceptable passive occupation like farming as extensions of RDO’s existing Specialist Roles; perhaps it could act as a laboratory for fewer crime-oriented occupations in GTA. Role players could find the sport far more enjoyable if a number of these happened to finish up in GTA Online (or a hypothetical future iteration of it).