4 Reasons Why Farmers Need a Website and Tips for Success

Farmer driving a tractor


Glyphosate, factory farming, agricultural industry – agriculture is now in the constant fire of criticism. Everywhere there is discussion, yes, bitter dispute, about livestock farming, plant protection, biogas, and subsidies. Farmers are lumped together, whether on large farms or small family farms. An own website, especially one that is optimized for search engines, can help to break down prejudices and explain agriculture objectively.

The fact is, agriculture fills us all up. It is also a fact that many people, especially younger ones, hardly know where their food comes from. And what extensive and complex work processes are necessary so that something edible ends up on the plate for each of us?

This makes it all the more important that you as a farmer become an ambassador for your profession. Four reasons why having your own website can help you decisively:

Reason 1: The website as an information supplier

With a website, you provide initial information about your farm, its products, and services, and its orientation. It is no longer just about THE agriculture on a large scale, but about THIS farm, its importance in and for the region, and your claim to ecological and social aspects. They appeal equally to customers, business partners, and people interested in agriculture.

Reason 2: The website as a dialogue platform

Here you can openly and honestly answer the questions of citizens, customers, and business partners. A great opportunity to clear up prejudices and clichés, focus on facts, respond to criticism, and open up new perspectives.

Reason 3: The website promotes real contacts & a positive image

The website is a point of contact and serves to establish contact. Continue the “online conversation” on the farm, during visits, farm festivals, or field tours. Ideally suited to build up a positive image and trust in the farm and from there also in the big topic of agriculture.

Reason 4: The website helps to find skilled and seasonal workers

If a specialist leaves your farm, for example, because she takes over her own business, or if there is a lot to do in the season, then this means for you: Find workers, and quickly. But why should good people come to you? Explain it on your website. Introduce your company and its orientation, describe the activities, the good working atmosphere, the modern technology, and all the advantages that someone has who helps with you. With your own website, potential workers will find you better – in two senses of the word!

But beware: If you want to plan and create a website, you have to consider a few things. Because a lovelessly self-made homepage clicks a web visitor away again.


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Visible everywhere: on PC, tablets, and smartphone

The visitor expects a technically and creatively professional appearance. For example, a website must look good and be easy to use on different screen sizes such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Responsive design makes this possible.

Can be found on Google & Co.

If no one finds your website, you can immediately forget about your goals – to provide information, have a dialogue, and improve your image. It is, therefore, crucial to optimize your own website for search engines. This can be achieved with simple measures – if you know them and apply them skillfully.

Legally on the safe side

If you use images on your website without the appropriate rights, you can quickly get into trouble. This can be expensive. Even with imprint and data protection, you have to pay close attention to current legal requirements in order to avoid warnings or even penalties. Play it safe right from the start!

Great, the website is online … And then?

If your presence is online, you need to take good care of it. Because web visitors only gain trust when your website is up-to-date and secure. This includes regular technical adjustments and updates, interesting and varied content, and new functions. Only if something happens on the site, the web visitor return and you can introduce him to your topics sustainably.