2013 09 Creative Things Thursday Features 12

For the longest time known to men, environmental protection has been put in practice at all times. On the other hand, due to the reason that the anthropogenic pressures on environment escalated throughout the years, there requires a need for a systematic environmental protection.

Trial and Error

Because of this, it resulted to countless experimentation with both international and domestic measures that are used in achieving objectives for environmental protection. Few of these have been a success while some are not, which is totally normal.

Because of the failed experiments of the past as well as greater awareness of complexity of environmental challenges, there’s growing need for environmental protection by using multipronged approach.

This one is requiring the utilization of combination of economic, regulatory, voluntary as well as information instruments. With this, it determines the most viable policy to be applied on basis of all the available evidence about cost-effectiveness.

A Worldwide Effort

International challenge all lies in the strategic creation of equitable and effective approaches to global environmental issues that are being supported by appropriate financial channels and well-resourced bureaucracy. The threat that’s posed by global warming and climate change also added urgency to push experts in developing efficient international environmental governance arrangements.