2013 01 Creative Things Thursday 10

The latest innovation and development in farming is gradually introduced by research facilities by showing how agroecological practices could support profitable and productive farms. To give you an example, there is currently an ongoing study in the Iowa State University’s Marsden Farm which showed promising results of how crop rotation systems could actually outperform the traditional monoculture method in both profitability and yield.

Creating more Varieties and Better Yields

In addition to that, research about crop breeding plays a critical role too with the success of achieving sustainable agroecological system. This is going to provide farmers with an access to wide range and varieties of crops that could be adapted readily to farm-specific practices and conditions.

Continuous Research is Paramount

Breeding research programs have actually slowed down in the past several years which leave farmers more reliant on limited variants customized to the requirements of industrial farms.

In an effort to assist farmers in adopting sustainable practices, it is very important that we keep supporting agroecology research together with education and outreach programs to assist farmers in making effective use of this science.

This will not be a sole effort rather, a cumulative effort for everyone, especially in the agriculture sector.