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Due to the reason that 70% of the world is covered by water, it is not long for humans to see how important it is as resource. With this in mind, among the places that are greatly exploited about water usage is aquaculture. In particular, with the production of food than using terrestrial land.

Importance of Aquaculture

Simply speaking, aquaculture is a process of breeding, harvesting and rearing of aquatic species, both plants and animals. This is performed in a controlled and regulated aquatic environment similar to lakes, oceans, streams, ponds and rivers.

This also serves numerous purposes similar to food production, restoration of endangered species population, enhancement of wild stock population, building of aquariums and habitat restoration as well as fish cultures.


This on the other hand is also under aquaculture but in this process, it uses seawater. It may either be done close to a body of water like ocean wherein a section is parted or in ponds to which it is separate from ocean but contains seawater as well.

Organisms are bred here and it can range from molluscs to seafood options such as shellfish, seaweed and prawns. Aside from these creatures, plants similar to seaweed are also grown here and part of mariculture.