2013 02 Creative Things Thursday

Agroforestry is focused on tree planting and its thorough maintenance to be able to develop microclimate that will then protect crops against extreme events. Combining agricultural forestry techniques, this type of farming system is vital in controlling aspects like:

  • Temperature
  • Sunlight exposure and;
  • Susceptibility to hail, rain and wind

Such system is offering wide range of products like firewood, fodder, food, medicine and timber while also improving the quality of soil, carbon storage and reducing erosion.

Combined Effort

Forestever and Green Hope Fund are NGOs that have initiated Sustainable Indigenous Orchards Project way back in 2010. This is in efforts of fighting deforestation and at the same time, improving the health and living conditions of the indigenous communities in the Amazon.

Working side-by-side with the indigenous leaders across communities made the project a success by diversifying agricultural production, securing food security and the maintenance and protection of local biodiversity using methods of agroforestry.

For Greater Yields

CATIE or Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center is also dedicated and devoted in researching sustainable agriculture and conservation of natural resources via Latin America and Caribbean. The agroforestry research project of CATIE is translating all of its scientific findings in practices that even small producers could apply onto their farms and amplify the production and diversification of crop production.