2012 12 Creative Things Thursday

In this modern time, there’s an increasing number of scientists and innovative farmers who are taking a different direction towards farming system. This path that being taken into consideration is focused more on sustainability, environmental, economical and social. The system being developed can be applied to farms regardless of the size and produce wide range of foods, fuels and fibers that can adapt to regional markets and local conditions.

Improving Agriculture Techniques

This is taking advantage of cutting-edge, scientifically proven methods that are known to amplify profit and productivity while also minimizing potential damage to the environment.

There are proponents of industrial agriculture claim that the effect would be the price we have to pay in feeding the world. Truth is, experts have debunked such claim already, presenting an approach that’s more sustainable that could be as profitable as possible while meeting public needs for the long run.

What Sustainability means in Agriculture?

In agriculture, the word “sustainability” is actually a complicated concept with so many aspects to be considered which include the following:

  • Economic or having a sustainable farm that must bring profit to businesses
  • Social where it must deal fairly among workers and have mutual beneficial relationship with its surrounding community and;
  • Environmental; in agriculture, this simply means having good management of resources and natural systems where the farm depends on