2012 12 Creative Things Thursday Features

Agroecology may be a fancy term for someone but simply speaking, it is the study or science of managing farms as if it is an ecosystem. By working with nature instead against, farms were able to use agroecological principles and have the ability of avoiding the damaging impacts without compromising profitability and productivity.

All Organic

While majority of the Americans might not have heard or read about prairie strips, hairy vetch or any core features of a sustainable farm, anyone who’s been to supermarket can definitely point out where the organic foods are.

The organic farming movement actually started way back in the 20th century where it uses system of sustainability practices that are modified to specific certification standards prepared by the US Department of Agriculture.

Farms that have complied with the said standards are then labelled as USDA Organic or a feature that many food shoppers look for.

It’s not that Everyone can Get it

Sustainable and organic are not entirely synonymous. The current standards for organic produced leaves room for some practices that aren’t best if will be viewed at an angle of sustainability. Additionally, not all farmers who are using sustainable practices are qualified for getting USDA certification or may even opt to go after it.