2012 09 All Things Fall And Folk Magazine

For the past several years, the understanding of soil has transformed greatly not just by the developments and innovation created by science. Believe it or not, the increasing numbers of holistic or natural understanding of soil as a living matter along with its interconnectedness with the unnatural and natural environmental conditions have contributions to it too.

Grading Soil and Improving it

Soil health theory development and approaches to quantify it drastically changed from being an inherent quality to soil management with improved global ecosystems into consideration. On top of this, it considers dynamic measurements as well.

The historic changes in environmental health brought by inappropriate farming techniques, climate and technological advances kept guiding the health and condition of the soil and studies performed around it. Eventually, these data are used in developing and catering to earth’s soil diversity.

This is Science at Work

At the moment, soil health is being measured by choosing several relevant biological, chemical and physical indicators and grade them as per its capability of representing change in soils that has qualities of what’s called a “healthy soil”. The advances in agriculture explores on the applicability of these factors across all soil types and the interaction with climate change.