Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Living Room Changes

 Changes are happening and it feels sooooo GOOD.

If you are anything like me, then you know how hard it is to decide on a style. This old house has gone through an absurd amount of changes in the last 5 years. 

It finally took me taking time off of Pinterest and Facebook and really concentrating on just who I am, and what my personality is to arrive at a look that I LOVE. 

Most of you know I have a white obsession. I am easily overwhelmed by too much of anything {light, sound, color, even too much decor} so white has been a calming presence. But too much white can lack personality and look a bit on the sterile side, so where do you really go from there??

Well for me personally, I had to look at my personality, who I am and what I love.  
 I am a natural girl. I'm rarely do makeup except for some black eyeliner on occasion....so it made sense to let my feelings on that reflect the house too. Natural with a touch of black for a chic "pop".
I found a coffee table that I fell in love with on Overstock 
It reminds me of Restoration Hardware {which I mostly can't afford with the exception of my Remy dining room chairs}
The clock in the Background above the couch {I know, not a good pic!!} is from HomeGoods.  {I've been WAY too HomeGoods Happy lately!! Shhhh}
The grain sack down stuffed pillows are from 530 Resale

The vintage ice cream stool inside the fireplace is a $3 yard sale score, and the giant crock under there was a gift from a friend. The rug was a $20 find and candle sticks by the sofa were $35 on a Facebook For Sale site.

 This much white begs for some color, and I have always loved ferns so I felt like it was the perfect compliment to the natural woodsy feel that was happening in the house. I found the ferns on the mantel at Target and the one in the dish on the coffee table I found at an Antique Store last February while I was in Tennessee.

Here's another "chic" piece. This table I bought from Urban Farmhouse
I think it breaks up the expanse of white on the walls on that side of the room perfectly. I like the way it pairs with the starburst mirror from Target. 
{tray on table is also from Urban Farmhouse}
 See the giant scale in the corner? I have plans for that once we redo the cabinets in the kitchen. Right now there's not a good place to put it though since it weighs like 200 pounds!!

 Here's a dusk photo. One of the candles I have made for the house. This one is "Tobacco Shop" and smells like woods and leather and heaven. 

I'm slowly {kids and health and a bazillion other reasons are dictating the time I have to work on things} but surely getting finished in the dining room and the kitchen. Here are a couple of sneaks peaks going on in those rooms.....

Sunday, August 10, 2014

IAVM Booth and Finds

 Last Saturday August 2nd I set up at the IAVM.
One of the great local markets in my area.
Here are a few shots of some of the goodies I brought.

 I also did a bit of buying.
It's so hard when you are set up next to people who have awesome stuff!!
I bought this tray from Urban Farmhouse
and looooove it on my new coffee table.

I took this photo of a table I bought there before I even brought it home. {It's also from Urban Farmhouse. In fact, I bought several things from her!!}
 I bought a couple of rings from Grace and Corazon.
I was beyond excited because I have big ol fat fingers and it's sooooo hard to find cute rings that will fit these sausages, but Annie carries rings in large sizes!!!
It was a perfect market day. The weather was great.

I am really cutting back and not doing as many markets this year, but stay tuned because I have a couple of really cool ones that we will be finishing up the year at.

Weekend Finds

 I haven't been to any yard sales all summer so Saturday my sweet husband agreed to go with me.
Our first stops were here in Zionsville, and then we decided to head on up to the small town of Kirklin for their flea market. 
I had passed through but never stopped in Kirklin before, but I was pleasantly surprised at all the fun things I found at the flea. We walked around town to several of their adorable little shops where I picked up a few things as well.
 These are some of my favorite small finds. A Johnson Bros Ironstone sugar bowl, an old mirror that was in the office of a local doctor way way back in the day, a cloche on a pedestal, this teachers clock {to teach little ones to tell time}, and the bottle with silver lid.
 I also picked this up, mainly because the price was good and I thought it would make a cool display. 
This is an old drill press for barn wood, to drill out the holes and insert dowels!

 I scored this Empire Library table. Great story here~this actually belonged to someone who once lived in the house I live in now. So the possibility is good that this is not the first time this piece has lived in this house!
I plan to strip and stain or use hemp oil. I believe this piece does not need paint. It might have a home at the top of the stairs.

 I grabbed this pair of curtains. The lady who sold them to me made them. The fabric is Waverly and they were very well made.

 The stool was a cheap score, and the so was the chair. I think the chair will look good with the library table once refinished. 

When we got back home my ex husband was waiting and pouting because he wanted to go to yard sales too. So he and I went back out for a bit more. 

I bought a vintage Ethan Allen cabinet for $30 and several other small random things. No pics of any of those yet.

It was a pretty great day!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Bad Blogger

I'm such a bad blogger!! I feel like it's been forever since I have posted anything of substance.

It's been a great summer though. I have been enjoying doing so many things and not worrying about taking photos or having the photos look perfect for a blog post. 

I mean, I love you guys and blogging is awesome but life isn't about staging for a post. I've been enjoying truly LIVING this summer instead of "living to blog".

That said, I have a cool crisp morning here at the computer with my chai latte to give you a few sneak peeks into the goings on around here!
 No editing please ignore the bits of stuff on the rug that needs vacuumed, and the cushions that haven't been "fluffed". 
{Like I said....no time for staging, just living!!}

I discovered Overstock.com
Yes friends, this could be a problem!! 
I've been working on re-doing a few rooms in the house and decided that I needed a new coffee table, chandelier for the dining room, and tufted headboard for my bedroom. 
Overstock was cheap, the shipping was crazy fast, and the quality was awesome. I might be in love!!!

Speaking of in love, here is my sweet husband putting the coffee table together. It dawns on me as he is doing this that I have known him for 21 years, {being only 33 that is a huge chunk of my life!} As he is working on this table for me, I feel just as silly in love with him as I did when I was just a young girl with a huge crush. 
That was my syrupy sweet moment of the day.
 Here's another view of the coffee table. Living room is a work in progress....so is the dining room.....and well every room in the house to be honest. It's selective A.D.D. I start a project and then find other more important things to do with family and friends and leave the house alone until I can summon the desire to work on it again.

I started to paint the dining room table. The new chandelier has a band of dark around it and that inspired the table change. I might finish it....some day.
 I bought this preserved boxwood from fivethirty resale
 I've also been enjoying summer cooking. Peaches were on sale at Meijers for .97 cents per pound. 
I found a recipe on Martha Stewart for Bourbon Peaches.
{there are tons out there just Google}
But then once the canning bug had bitten, I ended up also making strawberry jam and blueberry sauce. Nom nom nom!

 Then in the interested of easy {lazy} summer cooking I decided to try one of those one pot pasta meals I've seen floating all over Pinterest.

I didn't follow a specific recipe, just threw in the pasta, onions, garlic, mushrooms, basil and tomato from my garden and boiled it.

Topped with some fresh olive oil and cracked pepper. 

The kids LOVE it!

Hope you are out making memories too this summer and I promise to try to pop in and post a bit more often.