Monday, April 7, 2014


Our second craft workshop was this past Saturday and one of the things we made was birds nest on old bed springs.
 I wish I had taken photos during the workshop! Spring break did such a number on my brain that I've been completely forgetful. 
 Having 3 kids home for a week, all sick along with my husband as well, was not ideal. I've been obsessively hand washing and praying that I don't get it. Of course I woke up on Tuesday, which was my birthday, feeling like death warmed over. Luckily it was just one day of feeling like I was coming down with something. Probably just my paranoia over not wanting to be sick!
We had a really fun class. I want to thank all of the lovely ladies who attended and Boone County Uniques for letting us use their back room for it.
I have a busy week ahead of me. Tons of painting, crafting, and displaying to get our garage turned back into a cute little shop and not looking like a hoarders paradise. I've been saving up tons of farm fresh goodies for the re-opening.
 This table was done in Pebble Beach from Country Chic Paint {which I will have available on Friday!!}
with a dark wax on top. 
{Table will also be available for sale!}

Hope everyone survived Spring break!
Happy Monday!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now Carrying Country Chic Paint!

I received my first shipment today and am totally excited! 
But boy do I wish it wasn't such a rainy dreary I am wanting to take photos and the lighting stinks!
I'm hosting my first workshop next Saturday April 12th at Boone County Uniques in Advance Indiana.
 And of course it will be available at our little shop {yes, it's a converted garage! But I loooooove it!}for our re-opening now that the weather is warming up.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easter Crafting

April is a crazy month for us! 
The 1st is my birthday, the 12th is my husbands, and the 24th is our youngest daughters. 
{Somewhere in the middle of all that I am hoping to open our little garage/store back up!}

Then I have a craft workshop I am hosting in Advance In, at Boone County Uniques on the 5th and a Paint Workshop {same place} on the 12th.

So I am almost forgot my second favorite holiday is fast approaching! Easter!!!

 I love love love bunnies and had some of the old stock German bunnies left that I have been hoarding for the right project. 

I mean, stinkin cute is he holding a teeny tiny egg in a paper mache shadow box with French Script background and some moss??!!
 And this little guy is just perfect for Easter....just add a little German Glass Glitter for some sparkle.....
I am keeping one of each of these projects for myself but the rest are listed for sale at Shop Vintage Farmhouse

Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the Dark

Lately for some reason I have been obsessing over what my house/decor looks like when it's dark/night outside.
Maybe I'm a little weird....does anyone else do that?

All the white just makes it glow on nice sunny days, but as soon as the sun went down it just seemed gloomy and icky.

I think I finally have it though! 
I added a couple of lamps, moved some of the furniture, added some other furniture....

idk....honestly it's all just a shot in the dark {tee hee, pun intended} at getting it right. 

Mostly I believe there is no magic formula....just moving things and trying new things until it feels right.
{Also....not gonna lie....Instagram helps}